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Wow so much has happened over the last few weeks.

Wow, it's amazing all that's happened over the last few weeks. To highlight a few things.

I won first place in an abstract competition in BME
I won first place in the BME 3 Minute Thesis competition
Intel inducted me into their Software Innovator Program
Calvary Engineering is joined by three new undergraduates: Srinivas, Harsh, and Peyton
Calvary Engineering is starting a collaboration with Maker Therapy
Calvary Engineering is really close to selling products. We have three finished designs.
Calvary Engineering is building contacts with Group Gets to start crowd-funding and to distribute products.

And so, so, so much more. Wow, I'm really humbled by it all.

As you can probably tell, I'm super excited for all this and I'm amped to continue working. Keep following to hear more updates and more news.

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