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The urgency of further automation

Makers, creators, and innovators have a lot of fun. But they can actually change this world. They can actually save lives.

Fiddling around with a breadboard is endless fun. At least that's what we think at Calveng. But when do the nerdy musings and tinkerings actually impact the real world behind the white, bleached lab walls?

Here's how: 

A recent news article on CNN detailed a tragic event in afghanistan. Milliseconds before a mortar went off, killing four soldiers working on it, pictures were taken; And retrieved. The pictures are quite shocking. You can see the explosion and fire engulfing a nearby soldier, as he tested the live device. Wow..

Just another reminder of what's going out there in the "real world". Let's go back into the lab. Close the door. Code. 

But, wait. 

I have not stopped thinking about how a simple wearable devide, or robot, or specially fitted drone, or anything automated, for heaven's sakes, could have saved these individual's lives! Give it a couple years and stuff like this will not happen as often, I have no doubt. Someone will make it. But why not you?






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