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The Maker Therapy Mood Badge Works Great!

Check out the new game, "The Last Spawn"

I've been working on what I'm calling "The Maker Therapy Mood Badge" for a few weeks now. Maker Therapy is an initiative to bring "maker" education to kids in extended hospital stay. Unfortunately, while these kids are in the hospital, nurses and other hospital staff tend to come into and out of their rooms quite a bit. You can imagine that this gets annoying pretty quickly. The idea of the Mood Badge is that kids can display their mood on the 8x8 LED matrix with an emoji. They can wear the device around their neck, hang it outside their door, etc. This way, nurses and other hospital staff can be aware of how the patient is currently feeling and can adjust how often they enter the patient's room.

So it's pretty fun to build and I hope the patients really like it. I'm also adding games, because who doesn't like games. I must say the games have come out better than I expected. I started trying to make a rendition of Galaga, and that went pretty good. But I wasn't re-loading the enemies after I defeated them all. After adding that feature, I decided to rename the game, "The Last Spawn", to reflect what's happening. The object is to defeat all the enemies before they reload. If you beat everyone, then the matrix flashes on. Afterwards, the enemies continue to reload and you can keep playing. Pretty simple. Honestly, I didn't think I'd be having as much fun playing with it as I am. Hopefully the kids like it too. Give it a try! It's open source.

Find the game on YouTube here.

Check out the Mood Badge's GitHub repository.

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