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New Calvary Engineering Students!

Blown away by the students and the work they're doing!

I've been fortunate enough to have three new students working with me over the last few weeks. Trevor Meyer (Purdue BME '19), Ahoura Mortazavi (Purdue BME '19), and Ali Aubsaleh (Purdue BME '20). Trevor has been working on the BiomedShield for Arduino 101. He's already designed a breakout board for a new sensor (APDS-9200) and a new library for the sensor. Having only learned EAGLE and Arduino libraries just a few weeks ago, this is pretty impressive.

Ali has been working on PulseFit and doing a great job at it. Finally at a version of PulseFit that I think is truly marketable. PulseFit has gone through a number of revisions, but can't wait to launch it soon. I think we're right at the cusp of marketing PulseFit.

Ahoura just got started with us and is now learning EAGLE. He's also digging into 3D modeling for our circuit boards, which will be super helpful for documentation and showcasing. Can't wait to bring him into some other designs.

Also, I ordered Calvary Engineering t-shirts! Look out!

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