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Image courtesy of Radomir Dopieralski.
Image courtesy of Radomir Dopieralski.

Radomir Dopieralski recently developed a mini-game kit for the Adafruit Feather and posted it to He calls it the "PewPew FeatherWing". He is a finalist in the Best Product category in the Hackaday Prize, which is searching for the most well-developed product idea. It's an itty bitty thing. Kinda cute if you ask me. Dopieralski was inspired to make this little kit in order to teach programming through games to budding engineers. He thought that the new Adafruit CircuitPython platform allows him to leverage the simplicity of Arduino with the power of Python so that students can make pretty formidable games on such a small platform. I was personally drawn to it because it uses the same type display (the LED dot matrix) as my Mood Badge, so it caught my attention.

Thanks Dopieralski for making programming easy to learn. And good luck in the Hackaday Prize competition!

Please check out Dopieralski's project page on

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