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Assembly, Assembly, and Quality Control

Wow. Our first campaign on GroupGets recently wrapped up with us reaching our goal. The numbers were a little lower than I would have liked. Nonetheless, this was certainly a good start. With the campaign finished up, now it was time for fulfillment and delivering to the customers. Which leads us to assembly time! I had definitely spent a good deal of time testing out our assembly process. Getting lead-free solder paste, getting all the stencils, making sure that each of the components were easy to reflow, using single-sided boards so skillet reflow was pretty seemless, etc. But sometimes you don't really realize all the hiccups until things get real. My yield ended up being lower than 50%. I noticed that my boards were getting burned if left on the skillet even a few minutes too long. It was a bit of a struggle, but I magnaged to complete the first set of deliveries. This led to more brainstorming about how to sure-up the entire assembly and testing procedure. I realized I needed better temperature control. I was able to remedy this by turning off the skillet as soon as the temperature peaked as well as using the lid to help heat transfer to the solder a bit more. I also realized that I needed to develop a better testing protocol. Which leads to testing jigs and the like. I think I've thought through the testing process for my the LiPo Battery Power Supplies and I recently received my shipment of the first testing jigs. We'll see how this goes! Hopefully the next assembly hour is a lot more seemless. Oh and I'll try not to do it at 3am... Lolol.

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