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Just a few administrative things

Wow. After a few weeks of selling and shipping products, I can tell you that nothing prepares you for figuring out the logistics of product development and fulfillment. The process is even made that much more difficult because you really have to figure out logistics for every type of product and every type of service. It's not at all cookie cutter (though good habits could help this along). I'm really starting to understand that this is certainly not something that can be taught. You really have to experience it to get the full effect. Who knew I would spend so much time looking into label makers, labels, printers (laserjet or inkjet???), and postage. I had to dig out my old printers and knock the dust off a bit (see pictures). I've spent enough hours trying to decide between printer types and what kind of label maker I need. It's definitely very important for documentation and branding and you really have to spend a bit of time thinking through it all. Despite all that, the process of making Calvary Engineering LLC a real thing has been great and I couldn't ask for more :)

Again. Wow.

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