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General updates regarding Calvary Engineering as a company.

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It's getting more and more real!

We have a manufacturer's page on GroupGets. If you've been following along, we've launched two campaigns so far on a crowdfunding site called GroupGets. One campaign was the LiPo Battery Breadboard Power Supply and the other for the APDS-9200 Ambient Light and UV Sensor Breakout. GroupGets has now created a page exclusively for hosting Calvary Engineering ...

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Just a few administrative things

Wow. After a few weeks of selling and shipping products, I can tell you that nothing prepares you for figuring out the logistics of product development and fulfillment. The process is even made that much more difficult because you really have to figure out logistics for every type of product and every type of service. It's ...

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Assembly, Assembly, and Quality Control

Wow. Our first campaign on GroupGets recently wrapped up with us reaching our goal. The numbers were a little lower than I would have liked. Nonetheless, this was certainly a good start. With the campaign finished up, now it was time for fulfillment and delivering to the customers. Which leads us to assembly time! I ...